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As a mom and as a dad

If you double a number of inhabitants of Paris, you will get a number of Russian women who bring up their children alone. Specifically, 5 million. Why are there so many of them?
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Beautiful Russian women - what is hidden inside?

Beautiful woman - why is she alone? Why it is hard for beautiful women to find a man.
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Belorussian women: their daily life

The Russians who happen to be in Belorussia by chance, often compare this small and green country with the USSR. The same tranquility, uneventfulness, confidence in the future… and very often – empty pockets.
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Car - it is true that girls from ex-USSR mostly don’t drive?

According to the different estimates there are from 13 to 15 millions of car owners. And only 10 per cents of them are women (in Moscow – 30 per cents). Do girls really prefer going by foot? Or maybe they enjoy tucking in a bus where it is hard to stand and not to touch someone, instead of morning exercises?
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Date Russian girl - what she expects

Usually the first date takes place in a café or a little restaurant. In summer women prefer open terraces, because they are tired of being inside all the time in cold winter.
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Dating a Russian woman

How to pass from correspondence to a real date.
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Dating Russian women

We are glad that you are seriously thinking about dating Russian women. Even though much has changed in the world since 1999 when we started working in the sphere of international dating, the reasons that make Russian women search for love and serious relationship far from home, dating foreigners, remain the same.
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Every seventh woman in Moscow marries a foreigner and is happy

Russian women are happy in international couples - only 3% of them divorce.
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Food - what she likes cooking and eating

Is it true that your love like pancakes and can’t live without borsch? Do they like pampering spoiling a beloved man with home-made food or do they prefer buying fast-food for dinner?
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Happiness in the Russian style

Russian women are optimistic and cheerful, what is one of their main virtues. Even in the conditions of the instable life
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He is kind, she is beautiful

Do Russian women search for handsome men? And is it important to earn well to attract and to hold her?
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High-heel shoes - why do our ladies wear high-heel shoes even for driving a car?

Winter. It is slippery. It is hard to walk and not to fall even wearing thick-soled. But high heel shoes of slim beautiful Russian women clip-clop on the ice and they manage to look wonderful at the same time. It looks like a trick in a circus, but how do the women manage not to fall wearing such kind of shoes in winter?
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Hobby - how spend their free time

It is well-known that in Russia winter is very long – in the middle zone cold weather when it is impossible to walk in the street starts in November and finishes at the beginning of April. That is why every girl has summer hobbies and winter hobbies.
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Holidays - what holidays our beautiful ladies like

The worst crime for a man is not to congratulate his woman on the 8th of March. It can be worse only if he forgets about her birthday.
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How to lose Russian woman befor meeting

Russian women are beautiful, tender and very patient. It is true. But there are the things which Russian women almost can't except without a feeling of offence and disappointment. Even just talking about it is almost a 100% way to lose your Russian woman before the first meeting.
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International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA)

All US citizens and residents have to fill out the IMBRA form and undergo the IMBRA check for $40 before they can request a lady’s contact info for the first time on our website.
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Job - how much does your future wife earn?

Lena is 28 years old. She works for a big company - internet service provider as a head of a client service. Her working day starts at 9 am and finishes sometimes at 8 pm, sometimes at 10. She is not paid for additional hours, she also has to work on Saturdays often, but Lena is satisfied. In the city with 1.5 million people where she lives it is hard to find a job with a salary 1200 Euro a month. She is lucky or maybe she has just tried hard. A regular salary of a girl that works in the office is 400-500 Euro a month.
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Life of Russian girls step by step. Part I: Studies

The happiest time of youth of an ordinary Russian girl is studying at the university.
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May be she likes you?

A famous Australian psychologist Alan Piz says that women evaluate men, first of all, as holders of potential resources. That on the subconscious level, any single woman wants her man to be a maintainer, a protagonist, a man who can provide everything for herself and her children. So we asked ourselves "Is it true?" And we decided to ask about it Russian women, users of our website.
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Names of Russian women

Names of Russian women sound rather unusual. It especially concerns young women whose parents were choosing their names at the time of Perestroika.
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Rest - how single beauties spend vacations

The most popular places of rest are Turkey in summer, Egypt in autumn and in winter. The most of the beach pictures you can see on our site were taken there. Why are these two countries so popular?
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Russian girls and marriage

Why are there so many Russian girls who seem to be too young for marriage on dating sites? The reason is connected with the traditions that motivate a Russian girl to search for a partner for love and a family when she is very young.
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Russian men - what is wrong with them?

Maybe they are blind or not very attentive, for it is hard not to notice for a normal guy that there are many lonely beauties around?
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Russian men – why everything is so bad about them?

Probably you have thought what is wrong with Russian men. There surely must be a reason why nice women are ready to leave their country in order to marry a foreigner.
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Russian women - the mistakes that you shouldn’t make. Part II: The women which were before her

"He is sweet and I like him very much, but he talks much about his ex. I think he is not ready for a relationship yet. I want to say no to him, but I don't know how to do it tactfully?" – Russian women, clients of marriage agencies, ask us this question absolutely every day.
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Russian women about an ideal first date

85% of the pollees expect an initiative of a man.
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Russian women and money

Only 30% of Russian women own saving.
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Russian women and sex

Russian women look very sexy. Sometimes even too much. It seems that there are very few representatives of serious professions like doctors or bank officers on the streets. For example, who is that glamorous blonde wearing a short leather skirt and high-heeled boots? An assistant notary?! What does she want to show dressing like this then? Maybe she is just looking for a partner for one-night-stand?
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Russian women for marriage

10 reasons to fall in love with a Russian woman and to marry her.
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Russian women in search of love

Sincere confessions of our users-women.
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Russian women personals - how to behave if your bride has a child

There are two of us and you two like each other very much and you are absolutely happy. And there is someone small (or not very small) a meeting with him (or her) can make your relationship even stronger or… Let us no think about "or", let us think about how to make her child like you.
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Russian women: Why you are looking for her exactly?

Why you are looking for her exactly? Russian women... so many beautiful poems, exciting novels, songs and other works of art were created to glorify the beauty of Russian women, but especially their perfect personal qualities.
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Scam and scammers of Ukraine

We conducted our own investigation in order to find out how we can protect men from scammers in the web. For it we checked tens of marriage agencies in Ukraine and the results really chocked us. Tens of men come to Odessa, Kiev, Luhansk, Kharkov a day with the hope to find a nice woman for marriage and become victims of scammers.
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The Russian traditions which are going to surprise you

Talking to a Russian woman, you must know something about traditions, which will most probably seem to you surprising or even a little bit strange.
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Village - why brave ladies are afraid of living in the countryside?

Here was no water in the houses - not only hot, but even cold. A toilet was always outside without running water. Heating - from a stove, even nowadays people burn wood in a stove in winter.
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"Winter" Russian beauties

Our women-users explain what the life of Russian ladies who live in the High North and Siberia is like.
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What do Russian women dream about?

Before going to sleep,  Russian women Natalya dreams about love, passion, tenderness.
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What do Ukrainian women search for abroad?

Ukrainian women are not just beautiful. They are also very sexy; moreover, they are at ease being so.
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What does it mean to be a Russian woman?

Beautiful, tender, loving… What does it mean to feel a real Russian woman? We asked it the girls registered on our site.
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What is the most important in a family for Russian women?

How do they envision an ideal marriage? These are results of the poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research centre.
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What makes amazing Russian girls place their profiles on the international dating sites?

What makes thousands and thousands beauties from the countries of the former CIS) place their profiles and photos on the international dating sites? Besides, they don’t only make special photo sessions, but also videos. Maybe they are searching not for love, but for anything else?
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What type of a man Russian women desire to meet?

Russian beauties don’t search for money or personal beauty.In accordance with the results of a recent poll conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, the most important quality of a man for them is reliability.
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Where russian girls usually study

Have a look at profiles of female members on the site, what education does the greatest part of them have? Yes, they graduated institute or university. Higher education is considered to be almost a necessity for a girl from a good family, even though many graduates never work within their specialty.
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Why are russian women so beautiful

Wayne came to Russia in cold winter. He is Australian, and he is not in the habit of walking along the ice, when it is so slippery. He was walking along the street very carefully, keeping repeating to himself "Only not to fall, only not to fall!" looking under his feet. But then he raised eyes and saw a crowd of Russian beauties running somewhere wearing short jackets (it was -10°C outside) and high-heels. "Why are there so many of them?!!!" – our poor Australian only managed to think about it when he slipped and fell over right under the feet of a charming blonde in an elegant mink coat.
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Why do our beautiful women pay for membership?

What the secret of our dating site is.
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Why is she single?

She is single because there are very few Russian men suitable for marriage. It is hard to build a family even for the most beautiful woman. In accordance with the last Russian population count an amount of women is 10 million more than men.
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Why Russian girls live in so small flat?

When a beautiful girl goes out of a scuffed entrance of a high-rise building which has been repaired more than 10 years ago, it looks like a fashionable shooting, a whim of a young filmmaker. Yes, in her elegant dress, in high-heel shoes she looks like a model posing on ruins’ background for bright contrast. But the truth is that the most of girls live like this.
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