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About the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy in the version of 25 May 2018.

The privacy policy is a document that identifies rules of processing data of users on our site. information privacy is very important for us because identity fraud is a huge problem for users. As long as we are responsible for your data, we have developed this document that guarantees its protection while you are using our site. It meets the requirements of the 152-FZ of the Russian Federation and of the European Regulation GDPR. From the privacy policy you may learn what information we gather and how we do it, how we use this information, who we share it with, how you can have access to it or change it, how we protect it.

About us

The website (in the following simply the Site) is managed by "Felicita" Ltd (in the following simply the Operator), of the company, registered in the Russian Federation.

Legal provisions

The policy is in operation every time when you use the Site, and it is in operation jointly with our Terms of Use of the site. Using the site you agree with the Privacy Policy and allow collecting, storage, using and distribution of your personal data in accordance with the Policy. You are always entitled to withdraw your consent. Depending on your jurisdiction, it may be done by deleting your profile in your account, or by contacting customer support via the form, or by writing a letter to the address We will have to delete your profile without possibility to restore.

The operator reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time without notice, that is why, please, check this page from time to time so that you stay informed on how we use your personal data.


1. Visitors of the Site

What information about me will the Operator collect, if I decide to register on the Site or to use some of its functions?

In order to register on the Site, it is necessary to create a profile and to fulfill it with personal data of the User (hereinafter: the Profile). During the registration it will be required to indicate the following data: a name, an email, a date of birth, your location (country, city). You may also provide other information about yourself (profession, hobby and so on), but it is not obligatory. You control your Profile and this data is available to you anytime - just go to the page "My profile -> edit profile" of your account and you may correct or update information.

Since the creation of the Profile, we automatically track some information, such as your IP address.

In the interest of security and in order to provide you with the best impressions of using the site, the users must verify their accounts. Your e-mail, IP address and a photo made in accordance with our instructions are needed for the verification. Don't worry, we need it only to make sure that you are not a robot, and that you don't pretend to be someone else! Besides we combat fake accounts that can be used with the purpose to harm other users and for creating cybercrimes - such Profiles pose security risks and bother other users. Verification of your Profile is performed by a moderator manually, involving off-site services.

What information about me will the Operator collect if I'm not 18 years old yet?

You may register on the Site or use its separate functions, only if you have turned 18. It means that the Operator intentionally doesn't collect any information about persons under 18 years of age. We don't attract and don't encourage persons under 18 years of age to use the site. If you are under 18, please, don't provide us with information about yourself and leave the site. If we know that someone under 18 has registered on our site and has provided his personal data, we will take measures to stop the registration of this user and to remove his information from our site. We also reserve the right not to withdraw, but to block the Profile, because you have broken our rule of the minimal age (18 years old), and we can keep your e-mail and IP address, so that you don't try to bend our rules creating a new Profile.

Does the Operator collect my personal data, if I'm not the user of the Site, but just a visitor?

No, we don't collect personal data of visitors of our site. If you visit us and don't become a user, we will place cookies - a session ID on your computer. For further information about cookies, please, see the answer to the question "Does the Operator collect information about me?" below.

What data about me is collected if I use the Site?

When you use the Site, we will collect information about your location. This information helps us to identify your actual location, so that it can be indicated in your Profile and other users can see it. Information about your location for other users of the Site is limited to a country, that is, other visitors and Users of the site can't see what city you are from.

We collect the information that you upload on the Site, for example, your photos and video, your description on the page "About me", and other information that you have uploaded.

Besides, we collect information of your Profile settings, for example, notification settings.

It addition, we keep your contact list, chat history, your selected Users, the Profiles you like, your sent and received messages and other information about the actions you take on the Site, so that it is more convenient for you to communicate with other Users.

When you use the Site, we collect certain technical information about your computer system or a mobile device, and also some statistics on how you use our services. We use the information to improve our Site and its services.

What information about me is collected if I use paid services of the Site?

When you use additional functions of the Site, we collect financial information which is necessary for payment processing, for example, about a fact of payment, about ordered service, about a method and time of payment. Please, pay your attention to the fact that we don't collect your credit card details and other data of payment cards. However, our payment system providers keep this data (and they are required to do it by law).

Does the Operator collect any other personal data?

If you contact our Customer Support without authorization on the Site, we will get the information that you have sent, and we will also save history of your contact. We will keep a record of our correspondence.

If I place additional information about myself on the Site, what does the Operator do with it?

On the Site you may easily make new acquaintances, communicate with other Users, tell them about yourself. Using the Site you must consider that all the published information will be publicly available not only for users of the Site, but also for non-users. You may also use our chat that allows you to talk to other Users privately. We encourage you (and all the Users) to think about the information about yourself that you disclose. We don't recommend that you write your e-mail address, URL-address, messengers data, phone numbers, full names and addresses, credit card data, national ID numbers, information of driving license and other confidential information which can be misused by other Users. Giving this information to other Users you bear all the responsibility of the consequences that may ensue. The Operator can take measures to interrupt the unlawful behavior, but is unable to change the consequences that have already taken place because of lack of due diligence.

Please, remember that placing personal information about yourself, you allow the Operator to process it and to make it accessible for other Users.

Posting information about yourself or using the chat you share your personal information at your own risk. If you place something that doesn't correspond to our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to withdraw or to block your Profile.

Will the Site send me anything?

In the settings of your Profile you may choose to get notifications of new messages by e-mail or not. We offer to turn on or turn off this option on the stage of registration, but, anyway, it is always available in your account.

Does the Operator use my personal data for other purposes?

We may also use the materials that you place in the public domain on our Site for advertising purposes on the sites of our partners. We consider that it will let us improve our Site and adapt your on-line experience to satisfy your needs.

Besides, we use the data we get in order to obtain statistical information on the use of our Site. For this purpose we are allowed to give some data to a third party (the Processors) that deals with analytics of visiting the Site. This third party processes the received data in accordance with the privacy policies adopted. The third party is in particular:




What are "cookies" and what "cookies" does the Site use?

We collect information by placing cookies on a computer or a mobile device. Cookies are the mark stored in your computer or a mobile device by your web-browser. Cookies save information of using any web-site, get to know you and your preferences every time you enter our Site, provide its functionality, letting us provide our Users with services upon request.

When you visit our site, we use cookies to save a session. Session cookies are deleted when you close a browser. We also install permanent cookie files on computers of users so that our sites remember users and make their authorization quicker and easier. We may use permanent cookie files on your mobile device mostly in order to ensure security, for example, to prevent fishing, to protect from frauds, from unauthorized access, and in order to help you to get access in case your account has been cracked. We don't use information after you have left the system.

In settings of a browser or of a mobile device you make block cookies and local storage media, but in doing so you won't be able to use functions of the Site.

Analytical and research activities

The Site uses Google Analytics to get information on how visitors use the Site. We use the information to write reports and to help us to improve the site. Cookies collect information in an anonymous manner, including a number of visitors of the site, where they come from and what pages they have visited. For more information on the Google privacy policy, please, go to


The cookies help us to identify our users, and when you are on-line, with their help we can provide you with corresponding features and options, for example, uploading photos, chat.

The website security and effectiveness

We use cookies and other tools, such as CAPTCHA, to make our Sites and Applications safe and secure for our users. These technologies support security functions protecting users of the Site from spam and fraud by security of your private data.

We may use cookies of a steady state of a client; the cookies help us to identify the device that you use to enter the application and to prevent access to your account by other users. This type of cookies also combats spam, frauds, prevents fishing, unauthorized attempts to login, and access to cracked accounts.

Functions and services of the site

These cookies and local storage media provide support to the functional capacity which is necessary to offer goods and services of the Site. For example, an opportunity to upload a photo, to exchange messages, to change account settings and your search criteria. We also use these technologies for social plugins with the help of which you can share your content in social networks.

In some cases, a certain function of the site gives access to a third party, places cookies or local storage media on your computer or a mobile device. The third party that places cookies on your device bears responsibility of how they use your data, and we recommend that you read their privacy policies:




If you want to learn more about cookies, including flash cookies/local storage media, read our article and visit the following sites that offer useful information:

To watch a video about cookies, please, go to

2. Other users of the Site

What do other users see when I place information about me on the Site?

So that you can make acquaintances and talk on our Site, our users need to see your name (nickname) and any other information that you place in your profile, including photos that you post in public albums. The information that you post about yourself must correspond to what you want other users of the Site to know about you. You may change privacy settings of your Profile in "Edit profile".

What am I allowed to do with personal data of other users?

Use them to meet new people and to make new acquaintances! Remember that it is prohibited to use personal data of other people for commercial purposes, for spam, also it is prohibited to disturb other or to threaten. The Operator reserves the right to block/withdraw (to suspend services) the Profile in case of illegal use of personal data or any other violation of the Terms of Use.

3. A third party

Does the Operator sell my information to a third party?

No. We don't sell and don't transfer your personal data to a third party. We disclose summary data for analytical purposes. It means that we don't disclose the information that can be used to identify a user.

Does the Operator divulge information about me to a third party?

No. We don't divulge personal data to a third party.

When you use the Site, a third party (such as Facebook) saves information about your device (for example, an identifier) so that later it can offer you relevant advertisements. You may limit or close access to identifiers of your device in security settings, and also limit the ways they can be used.

Our company would like to support a sound society, and we will collaborate with all the third parties in order to protect our intellectual property and other rights. We will also collaborate with requests from law enforcement authorities inside and outside your country of residence. It may include disclosure of your personal data to a government or law enforcement authorities or individuals, as required by law, when we think that disclosing information is necessary for protection of legitimate rights and interests of a third party and/o for judicial proceeding, court order or a judgment against us. In such cases we are entitled to raise or to decline any objection in the court or the right granted to us.

4. Data storage. Where is my data stored?

Our Site is global, it is a part of an international dating system that operates through the servers located in different countries, including Russia. If you live in Russia, your data is protected by the Federal Law 152-FZ of 27 July 2006. For European Union residents the regulation GDPR of 25 May 2018 is valid. The policy has been formed taking into account the requirements of the up-to-date legislation, and you give consent to transferring your personal data, its storage and processing in any country by providing your personal data and using the services available on the Site.

5. Security

How does the Operator protect my personal information?

The operator implements all the reasonable and necessary security measures to protect and to prevent losses, misusing and changing information which is under our control, including your personal data. The operator uses reasonable security measures for privacy protection of your personal data, our technical experts are constantly working on making our Site safe and secure.

We take reasonable security measures against potential violations of security of our website, the user database, however there is no application, website or internet data transmission which is completely safe, and we can't guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, loss of data and other violation will never happen. We encourage you to take necessary measures for privacy protection of your personal data, including login details, we also recommend that you logout after using the Site.

We can't guarantee security of your personal data at the moment of its transmission to our Site, any data transfer is done at your own risk. As soon as we get your data, we have security features that help us to prevent unsanctioned access.

What can I do to help to keep my data safe?

You mustn't disclose your registration details to a third party or share it with someone. If you have lost your registration information or you have given it to someone, your personal data is at risk. If it happens, please, contact the Customer Support and/or change your registration details on the page "Settings". The operator can't bear responsibility of your incapacity to keep your registration data safe, and this incapacity can result into violation of our Terms of Use of the Site.

6. Your rights

How can I change my Profile?

You can change information about yourself in the Profile whenever you want. Right after registration you can look through information in your account, on the page "My profile -> edit profile" and change it if it is needed.

If information about you has changed, please, update it on time entering your Profile and following hints on the screen. We urge you to change a password periodically in order to reduce risk of unsanctioned access to your account.

Users in certain jurisdictions, in accordance with the current legislation, have the right to enquire personal information, requesting a copy of their personal information we store. You can get this information in the Settings of your account.

Can I delete my Profile and remove all my personal information from the Site?

If Users of the Site want to withdraw their accounts from our database (with all personal data), they can use one of the following ways:

a) Send a message by using a form "Customer Support"

b) Or enter your Profile, on the page "My profile -> delete my profile" and confirm that you want to delete your account

c) Or contact us by e-mail

In order to prevent abuse and/or improper use of the Site by the User whose Profile has been blocked, we keep his information at our discretion on the grounds that we need it to prevent creation of a new Profile that can violate our Terms of Use and to ensure respect to the laws and rules.

Please by aware that in case you withhold consent to the treatment of your personal data through the Customer Support, your Profile will be withdrawn within 24 hours and you won't be able to restore it. If you delete your Profile in your account, your personal data will be deleted immediately without an opportunity to restore.

Warning: even after you have deleted information from your Profile and have withdrawn your account, copies of your information will be stored for about a half a year in automatically created backup copies of our database, and your information is stored for some time in search engines. We can't control it, and we don't bear responsibility of it. If you have given access to your personal data to other applications and sites, they can keep this information within their terms of service and privacy rules.

What will happen if nothing is done?

As long as our website is aimed at dating, we need to process your data to provide services. That is why we will process your data until you decide to delete your Profile, besides, after it we will store the data within 6 months, so that we can disclose this information in case of a request of competent authorities in accordance with the law. The database is periodically cleaned from abandoned Profiles - they are deleted without additional notices.

For further questions regarding our Privacy Policy as well as how we collect and use personal data, please, contact us through the help form.

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